Web-based 3D Technology integrates Learning Management Systems, Moodle and Blackboard into the 3D web

Web-based 3D Technology integrates Learning Management Systems, Moodle and Blackboard into the 3D web

MEDIA RELEASE – for immediate release – 20 April 2009

The most engaging 3D learning, training and education infrastructure is now available to enterprise and educators, thanks to 3D technology platform provider, ExitReality.

ExitReality has today announced compatibility with online Learning Management Systems, Moodle and Blackboard.

“This is most exciting breakthrough and has massive implications for 3D training, learning and collaboration for enterprise, health and education sectors,” said CEO of ExitReality, Danny Stefanic.

Using ExitReality, universities, corporate enterprise and industry associations can now provide genuine 3D, immersive learning and training outcomes directly from their website.

With the integration of Moodle and Blackboard to the 3D web, virtual learning and training in genuine 3D is now available within a structured 3D learning management system.

Moodle 3D virtual learning management system

“Imagine a student walking past the heritage-listed buildings of Melbourne University looking for the theatre hosting his second-year Micro Economics lecture.  On walking through the doorway of his chosen building, an administrator asks him to type in his student number and name to confirm his student status,” said Mr Stefanic.

“The student is immediately teleported to a large 200-seat auditorium, where other student avatars sit in attendance from all over the world.  The auditorium streams live video featuring a lecturer who presents from her office in Los Angeles.  The student listens to the whole seminar from his student digs in Singapore.    Welcome to the world of 3D education and the 3D internet.

“Universities can now deliver their entire campus from their website, providing immersive 3D education outcomes using existing learning management systems.     The greatest benefits are that firstly there are no corporate firewall issues to contend with. Secondly, ExitReality-powered virtual worlds are hosted and controlled on the university’s own servers so that the utmost security is maintained and peace of mind is ensured.”

The ExitReality 3D player transforms the entire internet into a 3D universe, converting every website into a multi-user virtual world.  At only 4MB in size, it is also the most lightweight 3D technology.

“The ExitReality platform allows the possibility for organizations to deliver structured 3D training and collaboration from their website,” says educator, Greg Carey ofwww.educationwithbyte.com.

Queensland Education and Training International (QETI) are saving participants over $1 million or 91% by providing the 2009 International Careers Fair in 3D using ExitReality technology.

“We wanted to provide overseas employer organizations the opportunity to meet with international graduates from all nine Queensland Universities in the most cost effective manner.  That is why we went virtual,” said Jessica O’Neil – Manager, International Higher Education – Q.E.T.I – Trade Queensland.

Universities, business, enterprise or developers wishing to leverage the global opportunity that immersive 3D education, training and collaboration provides should contact Wes Ward at ExitReality at the following email address:  wes [dot] ward [at] exitreality [dot] com

ExitReality – the Entire Web in 3D

ExitReality is a free Internet plug-in that allows anyone to view every web page in 3D or convert their 2D website into a customisable virtual world.  Web users can meet and chat with people at any 3D website or search and explore thousands of online 3D communities.   Boasting the world’s largest index of Web3D content, it was globally launched into public beta on 18 September 2008.

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