Paris Hilton’s The Bongo Virus NYE Sydney Party In 3D

ExitReality To Stream NYE Party In 3D Sponsored By Webcruzer — International Media Release

Sydney, Australia, 24 December 2008: Worldwide publicity has surrounded the announcement of celebrity Paris Hilton launching The Bongo Virus New Year’s Eve bash in Sydney. Now ExitReality ( and sponsor Webcruzer ( will turn Paris’s party into the World’s Largest Online 3D party with live streaming of the event.

Join Paris HIlton in the 3D Party Palace for a global party thats keeps on going“The groundbreaking 3D party palace invention is taking The Bongo Virus’ New Years Eve party to the next level, by enabling users the opportunity to create their own individual avatars within the  one space, whilst partying with the heiress herself,” said founder of Webcruzer and sponsor of the online party, 24-year-old Paul Flammea.

“Exit Reality is excited to be involved in what is going to be an exceptional online experience. Now we can move into all the technology, laser lights, streaming music, streaming video, dancing etc. This is going to be a very exciting New Years Eve,” said founder of ExitReality and inventor of the 3D technology, Danny Stefanic.

The Bongo Virus is a new platform that converges mobile phone and internet applications in one solution. Launching this December 31st with the world’s largest New Years Eve party, ExitReality, a free internet plug-in that converts the entire World Wide Web into 3D and Webcruzer, a recession busting business website solution, have now also jumped onto the party bandwagon as sponsor.
The 3D party palace will plunge users into another universe with its realistic replica of the Sydney NYE party. From the paparazzi and photographers following Paris Hilton, to nightclub dancing on the main dance floor, users will be able to experience the unimaginable. The 3D party website can be accessed at:

About ExitReality
ExitReality is a free Internet plug-in that allows anyone to view every web page in 3D. Over 40 billion websites are now instantly available as one massive virtual ecosystem, allowing web citizens to convert their 2D web pages into a 3D customisable space; meet and chat with people at any website; or search and explore thousands of online 3D communities. ExitReality also boasts the world’s largest index of Web3D content.

ExitReality was globally launched into public beta on the 18th September 2008.

About Webcruzer
Webcruzer is a ‘recession busting’ opportunity for small businesses and individuals who have zero IT skills to establish their own website with a built-in ecommerce application for a low annual fee of €160.

The website also has the ability to generate user’s income by referring on to friends and other business colleagues.

About The Bongo Virus is the world’s first platform that converges the mobile phone and Internet to provide social networking and the latest phone applications all in one. It is a platform that amalgamates a number of different mobile and PC applications such as instant messaging, ringtones, games and celebrity news. is not only about fun interactions, it also wants to make a positive difference in the world. By donating 5 percent of net profits annually, members can freely choose any charity or cause they feel passionate about.

Bongobarter, Bongosocial and Bongo People’s Front (BPF) actively promotes social networking through the website with forums and upcoming events. They are purely PC based and will provide users with a limitless amount of entertainment, and unite communities globally. is the first of its kind and really is… technology with personality. Simply register via to download this unique portal. With this application, users will be able to store messages, downloaded games, music and obtain free gossip updates conveniently and without the need to go online.

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